Privacy Policy for EatWeGo Service

Welcome to EatWeGo, powered by EatWeGo ApS, ("Company" or "EatWeGo"). Whether you create an EatWeGo account, whether you are using a mobile device, mobile application or computer (collective "service"), this privacy policy applies.

This privacy policy explains how we handle information collected and received by us from you during your use of EatWeGo service.

It also controls the collection, use and disclosure of your information and personal data (as defined below).

This privacy policy applies only to EatWeGo service and not to other websites, mobile websites, mobile applications and / or applications that you may have access to from our service (an advertisement, service, or content connection). Although you may use our service (and parts thereof) without registration, much of the content and service on the site, or mobile apps will require registration.

You are responsible for ensuring the exact location of your device so that We can Show and offer you the best resturants available with maximum discounts nearby yoru location.

You are responsible for ensuring the exact information and personal information you provide.

Incorrect information and personal information will affect the information you receive when using EatWeGo service. Our ability to contact you as described in this Privacy Policy, which would be essential for the performance of our service and your receipt for the benefit (s) below.

Information and personal information we collect from you "Personal data" means all data about a person that can be identified from this data. It includes without limitation a person's personal information such as their first and last name, contact details such as your email address and phone number, birth year, age, account username and password, credit card details and your address.

We also collect:

  • a. Information about your social media accounts (such as gender, date of birth, occupation and / or placement) if such an account is linked to our service (App and / or Website); and
  • b. Any other personal information that may be provided by you or any third party in connection with the performance of our service and / or your use of the App and / or Website.
  • c. When using some of the features and features available in our service;
  • d. When you visit EatWeGo service (sites or using Mobile Apps), we may also receive and record information from your browser or mobile device, including your traffic data (as defined below), cookies, web cans and other data from time to time; and
  • e. For example, if you Contact us with a query or to report a problem.

Once you have registered for an account with us, you can update your account details by logging into your account, clicking the link to your account details, and then following the current instructions.

We may also collect your other information and personal data, such as:

  • A. Information about your social media accounts (such as gender, date of birth, occupation and / or placement) if such an account is linked to our App and / or Website; and
  • b. Any information you may send to us or our merchants or affiliates using the Services; and
  • c. Transaction history, to document a transaction you may have had with us and / or third party.

If you also provide us with information about another person, you also confirm that you can:

  • A. Give consent on his / her behalf for the collection and / or processing of his / her personal data
  • b. Receive on his / her behalf messages; and
  • c. Ensure that you have received his / her consent to us or have the right to allow us to collect, store and / or otherwise use his / her personal data.


A cookie is a small data file sent from a website to your browser that is stored on your device. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including displaying the most appropriate content based on your interests and activities in our service, estimating and reporting the EatWeGo service's total size and traffic, and conducting research to improve EatWeGo service. You can configure device settings to reflect your preference to accept or reject cookies. If you decline all cookies, you will not be able to enjoy the full range of EatWeGo's services.

We use "Cookies" to customize your experience with EatWeGo service. For example, if your password Is saved via "cookies", do not enter it again every time you visit and use EatWeGo service.

We do not associate the information stored in Cookies with any of your information and personal data you send while using EatWeGo service.

Possibly. Subsidiaries also use cookies to provide us with anonymous data and information about your use of EatWeGo services, Mobile Apps and Services. We do not have access or control over these cookies, and this Privacy Policy does not therefore govern the use of such cookies.


Webcams are small graphic image files embedded in a web page or email that provide a presence on the web page or email and sends back to their home server information from the user's browser.

We or our third-party tracking tool also uses Web Beacons to collect anonymous information about your use of EatWeGo service and the websites of selected sponsors and advertisers and your use of mails, special promotions or newsletters we send to you. Our Web Beacons are not used to tracking your activity outside of EatWeGo service (web / apps) or our advertisers.

We do not link your non-personal information from Web Beacons to your information and personal data without your permission except in connection with our marketing or similar initiatives jointly with our resellers and affiliates, if any.

Traffic data

We automatically track and collect the following categories of information when you visit and / or have access to the EatWeGo service (the websites or mobile applications): (1) Internet Protocol; (2) domain servers; (3) types of computers; (4) Types of web browsers used (5) Referring source, which may have sent you to EatWeGo services (web or mobile apps; and (6) Other information related to the interaction between your browser and EatWeGo's webpages (Total "Traffic Data").

How do we use the information and Personal Information we collect:

  • a) Account registration We use the information and personal information you provide to answer your questions, perform our service for you, offer you our registered restaurants "discounts" and send you emails that are necessary or we think may interest you. You may choose not to provide us with information or personal information, and in that case you may still access and use some of the services in our EatWeGo service. However, you will not be able to access and use those parts of EatWeGo service that require your information and personal data, and in particular registration of an account with us.
  • b) Inquiries Subject to this Privacy Policy, if you contact us, we may use any of the information and personal information you provide in connection with your inquiry or information, personal information, and non-personal information when answering your inquiries.
  • c) Our emails to you We may need to use your contact information to send you information when necessary, including account verification emails and in connection with your use of the Services. In some cases, when you click on a link or an advertisement in an email, your browser can be addressed instantly to a third party site, which on behalf of us (see below) notes or "counts" your reply to email before redirect of your browser to your chosen destination This redirecting process may not be obvious to you.
  • d) Market research From time to time, our market research department or our contractors and subsidiaries, acting on our behalf, can conduct online research to obtain feedback about our EatWeGo service (sites, mobile apps and services). This can be done via email invitations, pop-up surveys, online focus groups and social networks.

Information collected by third parties Certain content and services offered to you through EatWegGo service (web pages and mobile apps) are found on sites hosted and operated by a company other than our or our partners ("third party sites"). We do not disclose your information and personal information to these third party websites without your consent but you should be aware that any information you provide when accessing these other websites is not subject to

this privacy policy. We do not join and are not responsible for these third party web pages. You should review the privacy policy posted on another site to understand how this third-party website collects and uses your information and personal data.

We may also transfer information about you to another company in connection with merger, sale or acquisition. In this case, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you before information about you is transferred and subject to another privacy policy. We do not sell or disclose your information and personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and / or comply with a lawsuit, legal order or legal process provided on EatWeGo services. We share feedback offered by our users, with the other users of EatWeGo, to ensure the best possible experience for all involved.

We also share certain categories of information we collect from you and from you from our partners and resellers in the ways described in this privacy policy. We can also share your information, "personal information" and "traffic data" with our partners and resellers and other third parties that help us provide core services (such as business advisory and continuity planning, marketing, marketing, data analysis, data processing, hosting, storage and security) and / or by making certain services available to our users.) These companies, wholesalers and other third parties are bound by the same and / or are required to maintain the comparable standards of security and confidentiality as specified in this privacy policy, and They will use your contact information and other personal information to carry out their obligations to and provide you with the related services (eg dining services). In order to avoid doubts, you agree that wholesalers may (with our prior written consent) use your information or personal data for their own marketing and / or promotional efforts. The seller's use of your information or personal data must always be in accordance with applicable and applicable local laws.